ACB Accounting Service Company. To express our gratitude to customers for trusting and using our services, the company would like to send you a special 30% special discount when using accounting services. package, the service price is only from VND 300,000 to VND 1,500,000. Tax accounting service with 30% discount in Ho Chi Minh City is the perfect solution for every business.

Professional reputable accounting service.

Providing a team of chief accountants and experts with 10 years or more of experience, can undertake all accounting services for businesses with the most preferential prices.
Our company is not only about the monthly accounting service for the company, but also the company is legally responsible for the work that we have done for the business: We will be responsible. To explain to the tax agency when the tax office comes to inspect it even after terminating the contract with the enterprise
We are solely responsible for what the Company has done. And will undertake to pay the full penalty and be responsible before the law if you falsify the books of the business
Our company will always promptly update all applicable laws and accounting regimes that bring the most practical benefits to businesses.
Jobs at 30% discounted tax accounting service in HCMC

1. Tax declaration in the accounting service package

Prepare monthly and quarterly tax reports and send them to tax authorities
Annual license tax return
Prepare annual finalization report
Prepare annual PIT finalization report
Financial statements
Make a report on the settlement of other related taxes
Inform the business of the tax amount payable when it arises
2. Accounting operations

Accounting and bookkeeping
Classify, arrange and close accounting documents
Accounting of arising accounting transactions
Making and printing all kinds of accounting books as prescribed
In the name of an accountant for the business
Appointing and acting as chief accountant for the enterprise
Check the input and output documents for compliance with the provisions of law
3. Tax consultancy and explanation

Support counseling on labor, social insurance, health insurance
Working with auditing companies
Working with tax authorities upon request
Working and explaining to the tax authorities within the scope of the work performed
Consulting accounting, taxation and invoice documents in the content and scope of work performed
4. Handing over documents and submitting reports

Receive documents from customers.
Submit tax reports to tax authorities
Report the use of invoices
With the motto of putting the prestige on the top of the company, we hope to bring quality accounting services to our customers.